Is SEO evil?

Some bloggers that I read are uncomfortable with some of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that some people use to draw traffic to their Web sites.

Of course, there are lots of disreputable ways to generate traffic by staying one step ahead of Google. “Search engine spam” is a fast-growing business practice.

As a result, SEO kind of gets looked as being a “dark art” – just a newer version of telemarketing or e-mail spam.

I’m not sure if that attitude is entirely fair.

If you’re going to be the first search result on Google, you’d better have good, relevant, well-thought-out content that actually is useful to the people who are searching for that term.

There’s a lot of bad content out there – in all sorts of categories. As long as you’re putting out information and ideas that provide a useful service to people, I don’t care if you had to manipulate a few things to move up on the search rankings.

SEO is not evil – as long as your content is good.

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