Lots of smart people hire me to write for them. Here are their stories:

Ann-Marie Murphy, Quicken Loans Family of Companies

“Ben Gran has been one of our go-to bloggers for Quizzle.com ever since September 2010, and his articles are always well-researched, thought-provoking and even funny! He manages to take seemingly-mundane personal finance topics and reinvent them in imaginative, entertaining new ways that help drive traffic, engage our readers and generate bigger buzz for our website. I strongly recommend Ben Gran if you need a reliable, quick-thinking creative blogger for your website.”

– Ann-Marie Murphy, Director of Thread Marketing, Quicken Loans Family of Companies


Nathan Manning, Founder and Head of Marketing, Playmous, Inc.

“Ben Gran has worked with my company on several long-term blogging and technical writing projects. He’s helped deliver high-impact content that grasps the complexities of my clients’ businesses and speaks to their most important audiences on a credible and compelling level. If you need a technically-minded blogger, ghostwriter or video script writer, hire Ben Gran. But don’t hire him so often that he’s no longer available to work on my projects!”

Nathan Manning, Founder, Playmous, Inc.



Dagmar Strunz, Marketing Manager, Martin Yale International GMBH

“Ben Gran has worked with Martin Yale since 2009 on technical writing, white papers, brochures, copywriting, editing and various other business writing projects. Our company manufactures highly specialized information assurance equipment, and so we hired Ben because we needed a freelance technical writer who could grasp the details of our industry while still offering a creative and personal touch to the writing. Ben Gran has shown a strong ability to research and acclimate himself to the unique terminology and issues of our industry. Our collaboration has evolved to the point that he is actively part of our content creation and marketing efforts.”

– Dagmar Strunz, Marketing Manager, Martin Yale International GMBH (Markdorf, Germany)

Brian Macias, Chief Marketing Officer, MyInsuranceExpert.com

“We hired Ben Gran because we needed a freelance blog writer to help us take our content marketing efforts to the next level. He has demonstrated exceptional understanding of the life insurance business, as well as serving as a constant source of creativity to generate new ideas for content that will engage with our customers. We’ve quickly seen our partnership with Ben Gran grow and evolve in new directions and he’s become a valuable asset for our content marketing team.”

– Brian Macias, Chief Marketing Officer, MyInsuranceExpert.com



Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet

“Ben Gran has been a dedicated, fast-thinking and highly energizing guest blogger and copywriter for my company, CorpNet, since July 2011. More than ‘just’ a remote freelance writer, he quickly has become a valuable member of our team. We’re located in Southern California and Ben works from Des Moines, Iowa but it often seems like we’re working right across the office together. He writes exceptionally well, exceptionally fast, and he always delivers what we need! I highly recommend hiring Ben Gran for your next freelance writing project.”

– Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet



Devin Polaski, Digital Content Manager, MyInsuranceExpert.com

“I was charged with building out our blog with fresh, original and engaging content. I’ve found Ben Gran to be a phenomenal partner in our company’s content marketing initiatives. We’re focusing more on online marketing and relationship building via our blog, videos and social media content sharing. Ben Gran has been the ideal freelance writer to help us find new ways to connect with customers, potential partners and a larger network of blogs to generate traffic for our site. He’s constantly bringing us ideas and offering value-adding suggestions that shows he cares about where our business is headed. And he’s a lot of fun to work with too!”

– Devin Polaski, Digital Content Manager, MyInsuranceExpert.com


Benji Leggate, Online Entrepreneur and Scottish Bagpiper

“Ben Gran was one of the first people I hired to get my new online business, the Margaret River Guide, up and running during the summer of 2010. I was skeptical when I first found Ben as I find the first step of hiring someone into my business is the most daunting, but after reading the feedback of Ben’s previous work I felt confident to hire him. During the next 9 months, we collaborated intensely across thousands of miles as Ben helped me create content, build links, write blogs and Twitter posts, and manage a team of SEO content writers in Pakistan and Romania. Even though I live in Margaret River, Western Australia and Ben lives in the center of the U.S., I had no hesitation about entrusting him with my business’s professional image. More than just hiring a contractor, working with Ben was like having a creative and highly involved business partner with me throughout the start-up process. I highly recommend Ben Gran for your freelance writing projects as I can testify to his unparalleled writing abilities, work ethic, project management skills, and most important of all, his integrity.”

– Benji Leggate, Director, The Margaret River Guide (Margaret River, Australia)

Jason Stephens, President of BlackBridge Investments

“We hired Ben Gran to help create compelling, authentic, trust-building content for our new website. We’re in the plastic recycling business, so we needed someone who could quickly get up to speed on the terminology and nuances of our industry. It’s not easy to find someone with such solid technical writing skills who is also able to generate lots of creative ideas, but Ben delivers on both levels. Another concern people might have with hiring a freelance writer online or working remotely is, ‘will this person be responsive and keep their promises,’ but Ben has always come through for us, on time and on budget. We’ve found Ben Gran to be an ideal complement to what we do.”

– Jason Stephens, President, BlackBridge Investments

Michael Cradock, ACA, Director, Morgan Cradock LTD

“Ben Gran helps create engaging written content that showcases our expertise. He’s a determined researcher, he’s fast and responsive, and is an ideal collaborative partner for our company’s content marketing efforts. Ben is intelligent and gets his head around complex subject matter such as mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and raising venture capital. Ben then co-creates awesome content, such as eBooks and lengthier blog posts, that people might actually want to read! I highly recommend Ben as a valuable member of any creative content team.”

– Michael Cradock, ACA, Director, Morgan Cradock LTD (Newcastle, Australia)