I still can hardly believe it, but it’s true…

I am the Grand Prize winner of the Elance “New Way to Work” contest.

There are about 1,000 people that I should thank. There are so many people who have encouraged me and inspired me and influenced my thinking as I’ve made this journey toward self-employment.

There are so many bloggers whose success made me think, “Maybe I could do that, too.” So many authors and thinkers and visionaries that made me wonder, “Is there a better way to work?”

I’m grateful to all of my clients on Elance – thank you for hiring me, paying me on time, and including me in the co-creation of some great work. You all are inspiring and innovative people, and it’s been so much fun for me to be part of what you do.

I’m grateful to all of my co-workers, past and present – I’ve learned so much from everyone. Every single job I’ve ever had has helped lead me to this moment. Every bit of work experience matters – I’ve drawn upon the full breadth of my career background as I’ve built up a client base on Elance.

What a great day. Wow. I’m still in shock, a little.

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