Would you like to learn how to make money as a freelance writer? Did you see my interview on “Sixty and Me?”

I’m happy to help teach you what I’ve learned from over 3 years of successful full-time freelance writing experience. It is possible to make money by working online as a freelance writer – whether you want to make some “fun money” on the side or in your spare time, or even get to the point where you make your full-time income from writing.

I have earned over $160,000 during the past 4 years on I started out as a freelance writer just as something fun to do outside of my full-time day job, and to earn some extra income after my wife and I had our first baby. Before long, I realized that I enjoyed the work so much more (and could earn so much more money per hour than I made at my day job) that I decided to quit my job and pursue freelancing full-time.

Freelancing has been a life-changing experience for me. I won a $10,000 Grand Prize in a blog writing contest, I’ve been quoted in a book and in national media stories, and I’ve earned a comfortable living to support my family while having massive amounts of flexibility and free time to spend with my wife and kids and friends.

We can do freelance writer coaching via Skype. I’ll talk with you about how to clarify your goals, how to get started, how to market yourself, how to set up a website, how to find freelance writing clients, and how to set your rates to make good money, and how to answer any other questions you have about how to make money as a freelance writer.

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The first site where I learned how to find freelance jobs was, an online work platform where people can bid on freelance writing jobs from clients all over the world. Although some other freelancers complain about Elance for offering low pay rates and too much clutter and too many low-budget jobs, I’ve had a very positive experience with Elance, and I’ve worked with amazing people all over the U.S. and in many other countries including the UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Japan, Canada and Australia. Start here with a few blog posts I’ve written about how to get started making money on Elance:

In addition to Elance, here are a few other great sites to find freelance writing work:

  • Contently: I use this site to get freelance writing projects, and I’ve done over $12,000 worth of business here. It’s a great site because you get paid promptly and reliably via PayPal – they even cover the PayPal fees. The clients tend to pay better than the clients on Elance – although I’ve also found most of my favorite clients of all time via Elance.
  • Ebyline: If you have more of a traditional journalism/newspaper writing background, Ebyline might be a good site for you to find freelance writing work. I actually got turned down by this site because I didn’t have any strictly “newspaper” experience.
  • MediaBistro: This is a very well-respected site for finding freelance writing work, especially if you want to write for magazines.

Are you not sure where to get started in making money as a freelance writer? Are you worried about health insurance?

Here are a few other resources to check out: Health insurance is one of the scariest things for many people about becoming a full-time freelance writer, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from pursuing your dream. We found an affordable health insurance policy on with a good, reputable insurance company – and our monthly premium was significantly cheaper than we had been paying for an identical policy that we found through an insurance broker.

Freelance Switch: This is a great blog. I spent countless hours reading the articles here during my early days as a freelance writer. They also have great tools to help you calculate what hourly rates to charge as a freelance writer.

All Freelance Writing: This is another great blog for freelance writers. The writers featured here (like Jennifer Mattern) offer a lot of great insights on how to command professional pay rates to make a healthy living from your writing. Just because you work as a writer doesn’t mean you have to starve!

Freelancer’s Union: I am not a member of the Freelancer’s Union, but I’ve heard good things about it. They offer discounted group health insurance and other benefits for freelancers that, depending on where you live, might save you some money.

Freelance Writer’s Den: Carol Tice is a great mentor and leader for freelance writers, and she runs a site called the Freelance Writer’s Den that helps freelance writers (of all abilities and experience levels) to make more money and find great clients. I hired Carol to be my one-on-one freelance writing coach in 2012, and the money was well spent – I immediately got thousands of dollars worth of new projects just by doing one simple thing that she recommended.

Here is more information on how you can sign up for the Freelance Writer’s Den – only $25 per month! (I am an affiliate of the Freelance Writer’s Den – so if you mention my name as referring you to Carol’s site, I’ll get a commission – but I believe in her work so much that I would recommend it even if I wasn’t getting paid.)
The Freelance Writers Den: Enter Here

Stephanie Auteri Writer Coaching: I also hired Steph Auteri to be my writer coach in 2012, and she was well worth the money. I highly recommend Stephanie Auteri if you need a writing coach – especially if you want to write for magazines, since that’s where she has done most of her work as a writer.