15 topics that Ben Gran will talk about in his stand-up comedy show

If you’re coming to Ben Gran’s stand-up comedy show on March 9, you’re probably wondering, “What’s Ben going to talk about? What could he possibly have to say that is funny? Why should we trust him to make us laugh?”

Here are a just a few examples of the topics, witty anecdotes, jokes and “bits,” as comedians say, that Ben will be selecting from his comedy repertoire:

  1. Differences between men and women. For example, men love sports, and women hate sports! And women always want to get married, but men are afraid of commitment!
  2. Hitler.
  3. Tom Cruise.
  4. This one time when Ben ordered Thai food, and asked for “No Spice,” but the woman at the restaurant thought he said “No Rice.” Hilarious cross-cultural misunderstandings ensued!
  5. Hollywood film producers, and how they aren’t terribly bright.
  6. Politicians, and how they aren’t terribly bright.
  7. Things that make him feel happy and content. Because there’s nothing funnier than things in your life that don’t present any difficulty or frustration.
  8. Parenthood. And all the ways it ruins people’s lives.
  9. Definitely not sex. Because sex is a sacred act between two lawfully wedded people and there is nothing funny about it.
  10. Not religion, either. Because Ben is a devoutly religious person who is currently applying to seminary school, and he would never joke about something so important as God.
  11. Vital issues of the day.
  12. Death.
  13. Work. And how it makes us long for #12.
  14. Headlines from Cosmopolitan magazine.
  15. A series of anecdotes that illustrate how Ben Gran is completely in control of all facets of his life, wealthy, powerful and revered by all.

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