“It’s lonely at the top”

Does it have to be?

Too often, people in positions of power tend to become remote. They lose touch with the people who are affected by their decisions. They start keeping their guard up all the time – everyone starts to be seen as a supplicant, rival or potential threat. Power can be isolating. It can undermine the best part of people – it can make people lose touch with what they wanted to accomplish by gaining power in the first place.

I have a mentor who is a high ranking executive. But he’s incredibly generous with his time, he’s connected, he’s engaged, and he’s always looking for ways to help. He’s a philanthropist and a community leader and he’s involved in all kinds of stuff going on all over town. He’s one of the least lonely people I’ve ever met.

Maybe the people who find themselves lonely at the top…were already lonely to begin with.

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