One thing a day

If you’re working toward a goal, maybe you should try doing just one thing each day.

It’s great if you’re a disciplined, detail-oriented goal-setter – some people make elaborate to-do lists and spreadsheets and databases to help them reach their targets.

But what if you’re not wired that way? Or what if your goal is too amorphous to reasonably be captured on a to-do list?

Just do one thing a day.

For example, right now, my goal is to bid on one new Elance project every single day. Some days I bid on two projects, or more – but I always make sure to bid on at least one. Even if I’m tired, even if it’s late – that bid has got to be done.

And then, once I’ve bid on that one project, I can relax – because I’ve reached my goal. Anything beyond that one project is a bonus.

Start with one thing a day. The larger goals will come into focus from there.

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