We are all artisans now

In the olden days, we all were farmers.

Then the Industrial Revolution happened and we all were (more or less) interchangeable parts on an assembly line.

In the future – and to some extent this is already happening – we’re all going to be artisans.

Not “artists,” but artisans – independent practitioners of a creative craft. Like carpenters, or jewelry makers, or potters – but instead of physical objects we will be crafting ideas and information and knowledge.

(I think “artists” get a bad rap, by the way – if you tell people you’re an “artist,” it has kind of a flaky, whiny, self-indulgent connotation to it. Being an “artisan” sounds more dignified – like you produce something of tangible value. I don’t like telling people I’m a “writer” because it sounds irresponsible – it’s like I need to justify myself in advance by saying, “No, don’t worry – I’m not trying to do anything artistic – I’m just trying to ply my trade.”)

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