Debunking fears of self-employment (Part 5)

Part of a continuing series on the fears that hold people back from being self-employed.

There won’t be enough business to keep me in business.

This is a big fear for every would-be self-employed person. “Will there be enough business to keep me afloat? Will enough clients want to pay me well enough for what I do?”

Every business is ultimately a leap of faith. Whether it’s a car mechanic or a restaurant or a cupcake bakery, some businesses fail and others flourish. It seems to me that the businesses that succeed have some kind of underlying “it” factor that drives their success – something that makes it clear that the people in charge are doing what they were meant to do.

If what you offer is good enough for people to want to tell other people about it, you’re probably going to be all right. If you’re offering something that is valuable and worthy of people’s time, the world will support you. You’ll find the right people who will be good customers for your business – and they will tell others about you.

After all, how does any business find enough business to stay in business?

The great thing about the Internet, in spite of all the spam, clutter, noise, and scam artists out there, is that the Web makes it easier than ever before for people to connect with others. That’s ultimately what it’s all about. The Web makes it possible for word of mouth – the oldest and most profitable form of advertising – to be amplified to infinity. If you’re good, someone is going to find out. It’s easier than ever before to share your story.

Of course, you still have to work, you still have to hustle – you can’t just put up a Web site and expect money to magically appear in your bank account – but if you’re diligent, authentic and focused on your best skills, the Web makes it easier than ever to carve out a profitable niche (or multiple niches) in the world.

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