End of a Busy Week

It’s been a busy week.

I’ve been up until midnight the past three nights in a row, working on two freelance projects.

The first project was some editing/re-writing for some literature to accompany a new photography exhibit at the Denver Contemporary Art Museum. It’s a photography exhibit by the artist Kevin O’Connell, who has taken some amazing photos of utility scale wind farms – his photos show the immediate reality of windmills and demonstrate how they relate to the surrounding landscapes.

The second was a grant writing project for a public health project in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) seeking funding for a Culturally Appropriate Tobacco Use education program for Aboriginal youth. Aboriginal kids in Canada have much higher rates of smoking than their non-Aboriginal counterparts, and one of the challenges is that tobacco has been used as a traditional sacred plant in Aboriginal religious and cultural ceremonies. The group that I was working for is trying to introduce a new curriculum for how to teach Aboriginal kids about how to avoid smoking, while still understanding and appreciating the traditional (and much safer) use of tobacco in their culture.

Both of these projects were quite interesting and gave me some fun challenges to think about. But I promised my wife, no freelancing this weekend. This weekend is going to be all about time with family – hopefully going to the pool tomorrow, watching Mad Men on DVD, and relaxing together. I feel that I’ve earned the time off.

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